MaxESP Features Part 1 – Secure SSL VPN

Making sure that you can publish your content and manage your site securely was one of our top priorities while developing MaxESP. Typical shared hosting relies on unsecured FTP for publishing, resulting in your content being sent in clear-text across the internet. With application content containing secure and sensitive information such as encryption keys and passwords in their content, we wanted to ensure that you could publish your content in a secure manner while using MaxESP.

To accomplish this we’ve done two things. The first is to enable FTP over SSL. But not every publishing application supports FTPS. So we’ve included a secure SSL VPN with every MaxESP account. If you’ve already have a MaxESP account, simply log into the MaximumASP Account Center and click the VPN tab. This page will guide you through the requirements needed to connect via our SSL VPN and directs you to the SSL VPN.

We’re very excited about this feature, and not just for MaxESP. We’ll soon be rolling this out to all MaximumASP customers. This will allow all kinds of new possibilities for new and existing customers to securely manage their hosted applications.